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Would you like to control the variable costs related to IT?  ?


If you control the costs during the installation of your computer network, what about your support for the maintenance and the evolution of a powerful tool corresponding to the current challenges  ?  The increasingly varied offer of tools pushes us to ever more connectivity, more speed but also more complexity.


Who hasn't torn their hair out one day trying to connect their emails to their iPhone, to configure their mailbox on their computers ...


And yet, these tools have become indispensable for greater productivity and better service for your customers.  Just as you don't have a handle on the issues that may arise, you also don't have a handle on the costs of resolving issues.

We bring you tailor-made solutions.


In order to help companies meet the need for cost control, while maintaining an efficient IT service, I have developed a new type of intervention service, in the form of a fixed price package.


This monthly package allows users to contact me without time limit to ask their IT questions  and remotely solve their daily worries.

Thus your users no longer need to have the authorization of their management to request an intervention.  They thus gain in efficiency.  Indeed, for a fixed monthly cost, you will have the assurance that your employees will have IT support.

This package is automatically renewable but you can  always with a notice of 15 days before the deadline  stop your package.


Contact me via the contact form for more information

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