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At the heart of the computer system, the architecture of the network determines its possibilities. Its harmonious development requires mastery of the complexity and evolution of increasingly interconnected systems (Internet, virtual private networks), for which Ooops brings you its expertise at all stages of its development.  :




New technologies

Travailler sur l'ordinateur


We offer you a complete range of maintenance solutions for your IT system, so that you will always find with us the answer adapted to your work organization.  :


Preventive maintenance

Corrective maintenance

Remote maintenance

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Tailor-made timesheet

Our main activity being focused on the service sector, we have developed a web- based application that allows you to manage the time of your employees on projects, missions.  


This application is completely customizable.  Do not hesitate to contact us to request a demo.  You will also find some screenshots in the more section of our site.

Empire State Building


Our experience of more than 25 years in IT allows us to assist you in choosing solutions adapted to your needs.  Analyze offers with you and check that they correspond to your needs. Check for yourself that the choice of suppliers is appropriate for this solution.

Our mission can then be done in total neutrality because we only provide you with our expertise and in this case do not ensure the implementation. Our mission then goes from the simple analysis of an offer received to the complete follow-up of the file.



Would you like to control the variable costs related to IT?  ?


If you control the costs during the installation of your computer network, what about your support for the maintenance and the evolution of a powerful tool corresponding to the current challenges  ?  The increasingly varied offer of tools pushes us to ever more connectivity, more speed but also more complexity.


Who hasn't pulled their hair out one day trying to connect their emails to their iPhone, configure their mailbox on their computers, synchronize their calendars ...


And yet, these tools have become indispensable for greater productivity and better service for your customers.  Just as you don't have control over the issues that may arise, you also don't have control over the costs of resolving issues.


A monthly package allows users to contact me with no time limit to ask their IT questions and resolve their daily concerns remotely.

Thus your users no longer need to have the authorization of their management to request an intervention.  They thus gain in efficiency.  Indeed, for a fixed monthly cost, you will have the assurance that your employees will have IT support.

This package is automatically renewable but you can  always with a notice of 15 days before the deadline to stop your package.

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